Scholar Spotlight: Ulrick

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Congratulations to Ulrick, our Class of 2019 awardee of the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarship for Engineering, who is enrolled at Temple University to study mechanical engineering: 

“I have been interested in engineering since I took the introductory class during my freshman year at CRLS.  I just loved the many different possibilities that I could create, the problems I could fix, the challenges presented to me, and the ability to work with different machines through engineering.  For me, it just all sounds like a fun working environment and a job that I would wake up in the morning excited for.”

Scholar Spotlight: Anaya

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Congratulations to Anaya, our Class of 2019 awardee of a CRLS Core Values Scholarship, now enrolled at Bucknell University, where she is a Posse Scholar, a member of a group of exceptional student leaders chosen to collaborate in pursuit of solving some of the world’s biggest problems.  Anaya, who is a third generation CRLS graduate, found her passion as a volunteer peer mediator, helping her fellow CRLS students resolve conflicts:

“Legal studies are where I want to further invest my time.  I am interested in becoming a mediator/negotiator for legal disputes between families.  Communication is vital to maintaining a healthy mindset, and to be able to alleviate the stress of others is a very rewarding task.  Each time I mediate, I realize the various ways I can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Scholar Spotlight: Albert

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Congratulations to Albert, our Class of 2019 awardee of the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarship for Technology and a CRLS Core Values Scholarship, who is now enrolled at the University of California Berkeley, where he’ll major in computer science:

“As someone who hates driving in the city, I want to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to decrease traffic in urban environments.  During my college studies, I plan to focus on learning about algorithms and artificial intelligence and ultimately learn how to use software and robotics to bring my dream of solving urban congestion into reality.  I plan to engage in research to discover new frontiers and perhaps be at the forefront of autonomous systems.”

Scholar Spotlight: Betelhem

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Congratulations to Betelhem, our Class of 2019 recipient of a First Scholars Award, who is enrolled at the College of the Holy Cross to study biology on the pre-med track:

“I want to become a pediatrician and eventually have my own practice somewhere in the world.  I also want to study cancer and work in finding a cure for different types of cancers.  Being the first in my family able to attend college is something my mom has dreamed for me since coming to the United States and something I have dreamed about since I was in grade school writing about becoming a doctor when I grew up.  To go to college is to overcome generations of hard work and finally embark on what my parents and I have dreamed of all our lives.”

Scholars Spotlight: Sloane

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Congratulations to Sloane, our Class of 2019 awardee of the CRLS Core Values Scholarship Sponsored by the Class of 1953.  Sloane is enrolled at Skidmore College, where she’ll be studying neuroscience and sociology: 

“I want to become a scientific researcher and unravel the impacts of exercise on treating neurodegenerative disorders.  The correlation between increased physical activity and cognitive function, focus, and mood has the potential to naturally prevent and possibly treat many mental illnesses and neurological diseases; and I am eager to discover the true extent exercise impacts the brain.  While the intersection of the brain and exercise is my passion, sociology has long been a field that fascinates me and drives me to view the world through multiple lenses.  As my curiosity has driven me to learn more about how society is built and structured, I have come to question certain aspects of society and assume a role that actively resists injustice.  I plan on reforming the foster care system:  ensuring foster children are placed in safe homes, providing more children with access to foster homes, and increasing the adoption rate of foster children.  I hope to do my part in moving the world in a more positive direction.”

Scholar Spotlight: Ahmad

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Congratulations to Ahmad, our Class of 2019 awardee of an Earl M. Gardner Scholarship, now enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston: 

“I am interested in majoring in computer science and minoring in business because these fields are at the center of change.  I enjoy computer programming because it allows me to be in control of my creation and bring it to reality.  When I was younger, I developed several entrepreneurial ideas.  I taught myself through experience and, in doing that, I learned how to be ambitious, patient, professional, and most importantly, independent.  Now that I’m going to college, I would like to add onto these experiences and begin to develop a career.  These objectives will be more easily attainable with financial help and support of my school and my community.”

Scholar Spotlight: Josee

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Congratulations to Josee, our Class of 2019 recipient of a Friends of CRLS First Scholars Award!  Josee is enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston to study criminal justice:  “Being the first in my family to embark on a four-year college education means a lot to me and to my family.  Also, I am grateful for being the first, because I can show a good example to my little cousins so that they will be interested to go to college like me.  They can also use me as a resource to help them with school work and life’s situations.  I hope that one day I will become a detective and come to help people who don’t have a voice within society, especially people of color.  My goal is to do outreach and teach people about how the criminal justice system works.  Through workshops, I also want to teach them when and how to claim their basic human rights.”

Scholar Spotlight: David

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Congratulations to David, our Class of 2019 awardee for the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarship for Mathematics!  David is enrolled at Brown University, where he’ll be majoring in computational biology: “It was mainly my time in a summer internship at Day Zero Diagnostics, a startup company whose goal is to use genome sequencing and machine learning technology to modernize infectious disease diagnosis and treatment, that cemented my future direction to pursue computational biology — a field where I can actively contribute to saving lives while still pursuing my lifelong passion for computer science.  I want to be able to eventually help lead the research and development of this type of technology.”

Friends of CRLS‘s “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarships are funded by generous, community-minded, forward-thinking business leaders around our city.  Each year, we award five $2,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who have each demonstrated commitment through their years at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, our city’s public high school, to one of the STEAM fields:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. If you run a business and would like to join, find out how to be a “100 by 100” sponsor here or contact usOur Business is Student Success.

Scholar Spotlight: Benjamin

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Congratulations to Benjamin, our Class of 2019 awardee of the Dr. Christopher Saheed Scholarship for Future Educators, who is enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he’ll be studying psychology and early childhood education:

“I’m going to college to pursue a major in psychology and early childhood education. I want to receive my bachelor’s degree and possibly continue on to get my master’s in social work or teaching. I have experience in working with children in daycare and summer camp settings as well as foster children in a summer camp setting. Growing up as the youngest of ten children, I had always wanted to take on the role of the older sibling. Something about being that example for younger kids is really gratifying for me. In college I want to belong to groups that will do community service for the people in the area who may be less fortunate and I want to dedicate time to building a relationship with the people and adding something meaningful to the community and culture of the university.”

Scholar Spotlight: Sheden

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Congratulations to Sheden, who is Friends of CRLS’s 2019 awardee of both the Earl M. Gardner Scholarship and the Maria J. Tavares Memorial Scholarship.  Sheden is enrolled in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston and aspires to be a business leader: 

“I am not only a woman, but I am a Muslim woman of color, and my goal is to work on improving the lack of inclusion in the business world for women of color in America.  I would like to prove to young girls that the weight of constant criticism should not keep women away from sharing their gifts with the world.  Since the age of fourteen, I have pursued job opportunities, and working has given me insight into the business world.  Working has helped me make discoveries that I may have never learned of if I were restricted by the thoughts and ideas of others.  Other people’s assumptions should not dictate over one’s life, but, in fact, as a motivator for self success.”