Congratulations to Our 2022 Scholarship Awardees!

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When I was choosing a college, I thought about how it will benefit me academically but also my contribution to the community. Growing up as a black child, I always knew that I wanted to go to a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) and become a greater black representative for others and the world. With moving out of state and knowing that HBCUs don’t get a lot of money for their students, my out of pocket cost would put me in distress. This scholarship will help so much financially for my college costs, a new chapter of my life, and becoming a better leader. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Lisa, CRLS Class of ‘22,
Xavier University of Louisiana
Class of ’26, and FOCRLS awardee of both the Earl M. Gardner Scholarship and the Scholarship for Equity & Social Justice

Friends of Cambridge Rindge & Latin School (FOCRLS) is presenting 57 scholarships totaling $81,750 in 2022. This is an increase of $10,000 over last year.

With one exception being awarded to a young musician who is a member of the CRLS Class of 2025, the scholarships will help CRLS grads (including three alumni receiving multi-year scholarship installments) pursue their goals of attaining college degrees or other post-secondary credentials.

The 2022 awardees — listed below — have demonstrated determination to overcome financial obstacles and other challenges as they focus on developing the knowledge and skills they need to bring about positive changes in the world. Having achieved in academics, extracurriculars, and community service while at CRLS, these students look forward to bright futures in professional fields including healthcare, science, research, technology, engineering, mathematics, media, music, education, law, advocacy, and environment.

All of these scholarships are made possible by our generous donors and sponsors who are investing in student success. (Sponsors are listed below.)

I am very thankful to donors in the Cambridge business community for awarding me this generous scholarship. Mathematics has captivated me from a young age and continues to do so to this day, so I am especially grateful to be recognized in this area of study. I look forward to continuing my studies in mathematics and computer science in college.

Pratyush, CRLS Class of 2022,
MIT Class of 2026, and
FOCRLS awardee of the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarship for Mathematics

Congratulations to our 2022 Awardees and Thank You to Our Sponsors!

“100 by 100” Cambridge Community STEAM Scholarships
(Sponsored by members of the Cambridge business community and FOCRLS):
Md Sakib (Science)
Kaliab Tale (Technology)
Jake Laskaris (Engineering)
Eva Kaufman (Arts)
Pratyush Venkatakrishnan (Mathematics)

A Scholarship to Honor Drs. Finn and Espinosa
(Sponsored by Anonymous):
Horus Williams

Aurora M. (Ciccariello) Leydon Memorial Scholarship
(Sponsored by Jack Leydon & family):
Sharon Bosco

AVID Award
(sponsored by Gail Stein):
Laila Nunes

Calvin Hicks Memorial Award for the Study of Music
(Sponsored by family, friends, and colleagues of Calvin Hicks):
Demetrios Kotsopoulos (Class of ‘25)

Cambridge Day Sue Reinert Scholarship
(Sponsored by Marc Levy):
Esther Cull-Kahn

CambridgeSeven STEAM Scholarship
(Sponsored by CambridgeSeven):
Emie Gerard

Charlene Holmes Memorial Awards
(Sponsored by FOCRLS):
Abdiwahab Muhumed
Jahime Son
Lwam Mahari
Sarah Berhanu

Cheri Kamen Memorial Scholarship in the Humanities
(Sponsored by Ramie Targoff & Stephen Greenblatt):
Mikaëla Lavandero

Colonel & Mrs. Henry Bayard McCoy Memorial Scholarships
(Sponsored by New York Community Trust):
Bennett Gillig
Matthias Lamb
Nurial Vera-Degraff
Thomas Anthony Whelan

CRLS Core Values Scholarships
(Sponsored by FOCRLS):
Abyan Shire
Aya Boulouah
Keefer Glenshaw
Ymari Blackmon

Dr. Christopher Saheed Future Educators Scholarship
(Sponsored by friends, family, and colleagues of Dr. Christopher Saheed):
Isabella Lozada

Dr. David A. Link Scholarships for Health Professions
(Sponsored by friends, family, colleagues, and patients of Dr. David A. Link):
Aarmin Shaikh
Michael Herrick

Earl M. Gardner Scholarships
(Sponsored by the Gardner family):
Brandy Altidor
Lisa Jones

Elaine Schear “Voice of the First Generation” Scholarships for Creative Writing
(Sponsored by Elaine Schear and FOCRLS):
Tiaja Williams
Yuni Gerzon

Elizabeth Vernon Scholarship for Volunteerism & Community Service
(Sponsored by FOCRLS):
Kaliab Tale

Fresh Start Contracting Corp. Award for Carpentry
(Sponsored sponsored by Ben O’Sullivan Pierce and Nick Stamos, co-founders of Fresh Start Contracting Corp. and CRLS alumni):
Juan David Calixto Tenorio

Friends of CRLS First Scholars Awards
(Sponsored by FOCRLS):
Aaliya Shaikh
Emie Gerard
Lwam Mahari

Friends of CRLS First Scholars Awards Sponsored by Cambridge Trust Company
(Sponsored by Cambridge Trust Company):
Humaira Africawala
Marwa Dissa

“It Takes a Village” Multi-Year Scholarship
(Sponsored by FOCRLS):
Dachenie Ganthier

John D. Zagarella, Sr. Memorial Scholarships
(Sponsored by the Zagarella family):
Alem Abraham
Shanira Begum

Juliette Kayyem & David Barron Scholarship for Children of First Responders
(Sponsored by Juliette Kayyem & David Barron):
Anna Wendelin

Maria J. Tavares Memorial Scholarship
(Sponsored by Mary Tavares Sutula & family):
Yuni Gerzon

Mary Francis Monti Memorial Scholarship
(Sponsored by Neil Rosenburg, CHLS ’76 & Kathleen Rosenburg):
Fanuel Ayele

N Rahman Scholarship
(Sponsored by Naveed Rahman & Caroline Butler-Rahman):
Faria Amin

Patrick Ewing Scholarship
(Sponsored by Patrick Ewing):
Sherley Maurice

Richard S. Gilreath Memorial Scholarships for the CRLS Track & Cross Country Community
(Sponsored by Richard G. Gilreath):
Emma Randall-Jarrard
Matthias Lamb

Rose & Victor Rifkin Family Scholarship
(Sponsored by friends, family, and descendants of Rose & Victor Rifkin):
Aaliya Shaikh

Scholarships for Equity & Social Justice
(Sponsored by Eileen Taxe Levine & Irving Lee Levine):
Kaliab Tale
Lisa Jones

Tutoring Plus Scholarship
(Sponsored by Tutoring Plus):
Jeanny Fede

We wish our awardees much happiness and and many more achievements!

Awardees, for information on claiming your funds, please email

Contribute to our general scholarship fund where most needed>>

Involve your business in the “100 by 100”>>

Learn more about sponsoring or establishing a scholarship>>

For more information about FOCRLS, please visit, email, call 857-235-9290, or visit CRLS Room 2136.

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Jahmaya

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Congratulations and Thank You to Jahmaya, our Class of 2020 awardee of the Patrick Ewing Scholarship!

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Patrick Ewing Scholarship possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of your support.

The college I am attending is Allegheny College, where I will be majoring in criminal justice and minoring in political science. One day I hope to become a judge.

I would like to thank you once again for selecting me for the scholarship and I vow to make use of the money in college by maintaining good grades in college. By awarding me the Patrick Ewing Scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community.  I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Ralph

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Congratulations and Thank You to Ralph, CRLS Class of 2020 awardee of the Mary Frances Monti Scholarship!

“Next school year I plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in software engineering — at George Washington University — with emphasis on application development and artificial intelligence. With this education, I will be able to enter a profession that will continue to shape our society as the years go by. After I have enough on-the-job training and knowledge about the marketing aspects of a company, I plan on developing my own mobile application. My focus is to use my acquired knowledge of artificial intelligence and application development to create an app that uses augmented reality to improve the lives of others.  I have a clear picture of where I will be in the next 10 years, and I know through higher education I will be better set up to get there.” 

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Sabira

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Congratulations and Thank You to Sabira, awardee of a CRLS Core Values Scholarship! Sabira exemplifies Opportunity, Diversity, Respect. She’s enrolled at Bates College, where she’ll be studying psychology and art. She’ll use one or both of her passions in a career to help young people overcome obstacles in their lives.

Sabira wrote to us, “I am incredibly grateful and honored to be a CRLS Core Values Scholarship recipient. Thank you for your belief in my abilities and recognition of my hard work. This scholarship has considerably lessened the financial burden in the pursuit of my higher education and will help ensure my success. I sincerely appreciate your support and cannot thank you enough.”

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Andy

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Congratulations and Thank You to Andy, our multitalented* Class of 2020 awardee of the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarship for the Arts!

*acting, singing, dancing, choreography, digital art, fashion and jewelry design, photography, and more

Andy wrote to us, “Thank you so much for the “100 by 100″ Cambridge Business Community STEAM Award for the Arts. I feel honored to be selected from the hundreds of students at CRLS and I cannot describe how grateful I am. This scholarship was essential to help finance my journey at Columbia College Chicago for graphic design and without your generous donation, it wouldn’t have been possible. I appreciate you taking time to read my essays and acknowledge all my work at CRLS. I cannot express how blessed I feel to have donors who appreciate my artistic work and wanna see me succeed in college and I will make sure I do exactly that.”

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Mattingly

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Congratulations and Thank You to Mattingly, an aspiring filmmaker and recent CRLS graduate to whom we’ve awarded a CRLS Core Values Scholarship for her exceptional representation of Opportunity, Diversity, Respect.

“I want to express a massive thank you for choosing me for the CRLS Core Values Scholarship. I am honored to be one of the four students chosen for this scholarship and I cannot thank you enough. You will help me fund my education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and I am so incredibly thankful!”

Scholar Spotlight 2020: Jose

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Jose, nominated by his guidance counselor Stephanie Richards, is a CRLS Class of 2020 Charlene Holmes Memorial Awardee

Congratulations and Thank You to Jose, a CRLS Class of 2020 Charlene Holmes Memorial Awardee! Jose was nominated by his guidance counselor, Stephanie Richards, who summarized, “Compassionate and conscientious, Jose’s concern for the well-being of others transcends through all daily activities.”

We received a heartfelt thank you email from Jose — who will be starting at Union College in the fall — in which he wrote, “By awarding me with this scholarship not only have you lightened up some of my financial burdens but you have gone on to show me that treating others with care, respect, and generosity can go a long way no matter the setting or situation. I guarantee that I will continue to carry on the values that represent this award and that, hopefully, I spread this attitude and lifestyle to others.”

Charlene Holmes, a member of the CRLS Class of 2014, well-known and appreciated by peers and faculty alike, was killed by gunshot on a Cambridge street in June 2012. These awards are presented to graduating seniors nominated by CRLS faculty and staff members for exemplifying Charlene’s spirit of generosity and caring toward their fellow students, along with the pursuit of their own dreams of higher education and professional careers.  

Scholar Spotlight: Anna

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Congratulations to Anna, an aspiring woman in science! Anna is now at MIT studying biochemistry with the goal of becoming a medical doctor focusing on research. Anna is one of our five Class of 2019 “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarships awardees, excelling in and committed to science:

“I would like to become a researcher, particularly in the area of finding new cures for diseases. Another broader cause that I would like to help is increasing the diversity in scientific communities. In college I plan to volunteer to mentor students in middle school or high school in math and science. I know that I have been greatly influenced by the teachers and mentors I have had, particularly women in science. Their support has made me really interested in pursuing science and math as a career, and I want to pass some of the enthusiasm they gave to me on to other students, especially those who many not have had many opportunities to see the fun sides of math and science.”

Friends of CRLS‘s “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community STEAM Scholarships are funded by generous, community-minded, forward-thinking business leaders around our city.  Each year, we award five $2,000 scholarships to graduating seniors who have each demonstrated commitment through their years at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, our city’s public high school, to one of the STEAM fields:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. If you run a business and would like to join, find out how to be a “100 by 100” sponsor here or contact us.  Our Business is Student Success.

Scholar Spotlight: Sagyan

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Congratulations to Sagyan, our Class of 2019 awardee of the CambridgeSeven STEAM Award as well as a CRLS Core Values Scholarship!  Sagyan is enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he’ll be majoring in computer science:

“My passion for computer science has stemmed from the ability to be creative and resilient.  I want to become a software developer where I can apply my skills to developing solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems.  I want to be able to create more sustainable solutions to environmental problems through the use of algorithms to track and mitigate ways that we humans are exploiting the Earth.  I believe that any problem can be solved through the use of technology, and computer science has been an outlet for me to use my creative thinking to come up with the most effective solutions to problems.  I have always loved business and entrepreneurship, and so by pursuing computer science in college I will have the skill set to innovate something that can be beneficial to the entire world.”

Scholar Spotlight: Fatima

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Congratulations to Fatima, our Class of 2019 awardee of a Dr. David A. Link Scholarship for the Health Professions, enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College, where she’ll be preparing for a career as a radiology technician: 

“I am interested in studying in the medical radiography program at Bunker Hill Community College because it fulfills both my educational and personal goals.  My plan after two years of college is to work as an intern at a hospital to complete my training as a radiology technician.  This will allow me to get a job in my home country, Guinea Bissau, which will help me achieve my personal goal of giving back to my hometown.  I want to help people who suffer from bone injuries because growing up I saw so many people in my home country who broke their bones and never went to the hospital to check what was wrong.”