Student Spotlight: Yigermal

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Yigermal, the CRLS Class of 2018 recipient of the “100 by 100” Cambridge Business Community
STEAM Award for Engineering, now enrolled at UMass Dartmouth, told us:

“As a kid when I was growing up in Ethiopia, I become very interested in engineering. When I was
small, I watched an engineering crew build roads in my isolated village. Because of the new
roads, the village transformed into a thriving community as new stores and businesses opened
up. That experience inspired me to learn about engineering so that I can change the lives of
others. In my junior year at CRLS, I started to take engineering, which gave me an idea of what I
want to study as a major. In the end, I became more interested in electrical engineering than
anything else. My two years in Engineering at CRLS increased my desire to learn more and study
an engineering discipline in college.”

Congratulations, Yigermal!