Student Spotlight: Ming

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Ming, CRLS Class of 2018 recipient of the Earl M. Gardner Scholarship, now enrolled at
UMass Amherst, told us:

“My goal is to help my community and eventually underdeveloped countries by improving
the environment around them so that others can have a brighter future. In college, I want to
take programs where they allow me the freedom to create inventions that can help the lives of
others and implement them in cities that most need them. I want to major in mechanical
engineering so that one day I have a chance to create technologies that can change the lives
of others. Engineering has given me the opportunity to use my creativity and my love for
math and science, by teaching and creating with others with a common purpose. From this,
I’ve come to realize that there is no such thing as an unsolvable question. No matter the
difficulty of the question, with a change in perspective, some curiosity, and a little
determination, you can solve anything.”

Congratulations, Ming!