FOCRLS Fall 2010 Faculty Grants Awarded

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Faculty grant recipients reflect the commitment and vision of both faculty, CRLS, and FOCRLS to the academic and social development of all of our CRLS young people, and a deep interest in the ongoing professional development of the teaching community at CRLS, as reflective practitioners and stewards of the school and its students.

This year our growing number of FOCRLS contributors made it possible to offer two grant cycles, both now in the fall, as well as our traditional spring grant cycle! We thank our many donors: family, friends, alumni, and business leaders, for supporting the power of the ideas of our exemplary CRLS educators.

•Kathleen Fitzgerald (Internship and Service Learning Specialist) “Storied Landscapes – Exploration and Sharing of Cultural and Natural Resources Across Urban and Rural Youth Communities

•Conrad Hauck (Engineering Instructor, RSTA)
Funding for Robotics Club: FIRST Robotics 2011 Season

•Matt Landry (Media Instructor) “Experimental Media Lab

•Michele Watson Maxwell (Commercial Design Teacher)
Anti-Discrimination Poster Awareness Campaign

•Deborah Milligan (Photography Teacher) “Mix It Up – Cook it Up

•Robert Ponte (Instrumental Music Teacher)
Contemporary Jazz at CRLS

•Jaci Rubin (Cooperative Education Instructor)
Create a Press Kit for Cooperative Education

•Jessica Young (Art Teacher) “Animation Sound Studio