FOCRLS honored to be chosen by CRLSstrong as recipient of funds raised (4/28/2013)

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FOCRLS is touched and honored to have been chosen by CRLSstrong as the recipient of funds raised at the CRLSstrong event this Sunday, April 28, 2013. This very meaningful gathering, which brought together students, alums, faculty, parents, and community members in Joan Lorentz Park in front of the Cambridge Public Library, was organized by the CRLSstrong group of alumni/student group which is “committed to providing a safe and open space for members of CRLS and the wider Cambridge community” to reflect on the recent tragic events. These funds will further strengthen programs supporting the students, faculty, and alumni of CRLS, and demonstrate the values of Opportunity, Diversity, Respect that CRLS, CRLSstrong, and FOCRLS stand behind.

Read an article on the event from the Boston Globe on 4/28/2013.

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