Scholar Spotlight: Rory and Anthony

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Rory and Anthony, both Friends of CRLS College Scholarship awardees, have been best friends since middle school.

Rory (left), is a CRLS Class of 2019 awardee of a Colonel & Mrs. Henry Bayard McCoy Memorial Scholarship.  Rory is now enrolled at Skidmore College and plans to apply his leadership qualities to public service.  While at CRLS, as co-chair of the Cambridge Youth Council, he led a T pass initiative, working with Mayor McGovern, the City Council, and the School Committee to get free T passes for low income CRLS students:  

“Through this process, I learned how to navigate the political landscape and how to work with people in power.  Through these experiences, I have learned that leadership means working hard, setting a positive example, and finding common ground, both with those I am leading and with those in power.  I look forward to carrying these lessons into my college career.”

Anthony (right), is the CRLS Class of 2019 awardee of the Juliette Kayyem & David Barron Scholarship for Children of First Responders as well as a Colonel & Mrs. Henry Bayard McCoy Memorial Scholarship.  Anthony, whose father Joseph Grassi is a police officer, is enrolled at Harvard College and has plans to confront the opportunity gap:

 “Witnessing the vast disparities between the most privileged of Cantabrigians and the city’s most vulnerable throughout my life has motivated me to pursue a career that confronts society’s economic and social dilemmas.  I believe that our modern system of governance is flawed — it benefits the wealthy and socially privileged and does not provide any fair opportunity for society’s most neglected individuals.  I hope to use the resources afforded to me in college to research the fairest economic and governmental system:  one that symbiotically promotes equity and efficiency.  This research will allow me to develop creative solutions in political, economic, and social policy that I can implement, or advance conversations about, after I graduate.”